Global Head of Procurement & Logistics

vervuld Capelle aan den IJssel Gepubliceerd op: 09-05-2022 Minimaal 8 jaar werkervaring

Capelle aan den IJssel
Gepubliceerd op: 09-05-2022
Minimaal 8 jaar werkervaring

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Bachelor’s or equivalent degree holder in (Technical) Business Management, Logistics or other related subjects. Professional procurement qualification at level “Nevi 2”.
Minimum of 8 years working experience, including 5 years as a Procurement and Logistics Manager. Experience with setting up worldwide policies, procedures and systems.
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Global Head of Procurement & Logistics


The Global Head of Procurement & Logistics ensures efficient procurement of products and services at optimal prices and quality for Roll-Group (2 Business lines: Roll Dock and Roll-Lift) in line with integrity standards. In case of Roll-Dock, the scope will be worldwide, with a focus on legal entities mainly positioned in NL. In case of Roll-Lift the focus will be North America, APAC (ID, TH, MY, SGP, AU), MEA (UAE, QA, OM), and various other countries for temporary projects. Initially you will manage 3 direct reports in the Netherlands (2 purchasers and a senior Procurement and Logistics coordinator), eventually you will expand the team by  2 Procurement coordinators abroad. The total spend will be 70 Mio. Traveling will occur (max 10%). 

  • S/he understands and creates awareness within the organization concerning factors impacting procurement optimization and movements such as global sourcing issues, root causes of inventory challenges, carrying costs vs. transport costs, global regulations and tariff policies, competitor positions, and industry and technology trends. 
  • S/He fosters long term partnerships with transport vendors and other internal/external stakeholders; and leverages these insights and relationships to make the strategic cost, vendor, and process improvement recommendations and to take action accordingly.
  • S/He strategic management of logistics within the Procurement and Logistics organization to successfully meet stakeholder needs of having “the rights parts, in the right place, at the right time.”

Key responsibilities and main activities

Sourcing and Procurement

  • Manage sourcing of goods and services by a selection of suppliers, managing tender processes, negotiation of framework contracts (price, quality, service levels) and enabling efficient procurement by the implementation of catalogues and other tools.
  • Develops procurement strategies in which trade-offs between ordering, inventory and transportation costs are optimized. 
  • Manages resolution of grievances with vendors, contractors and suppliers. 
  • Evaluate suppliers to optimize price and quality and reduce procurement and invoicing workload.
  • Collaborates with other functions to identify and develop needs and requirements for equipment, materials, products, and acceptable substitutions.
  • Monitor market and price conditions based on market reports and supplier management. 
  • Assesses current material availability in the market; reasonably predicts future availability based on the market, delivery systems, and other variables.
  • Set up and monitor KPIs for the Sourcing-to-Contract and Procurement-to-Pay processes. Motivate management to increase performance (eg on % of value procured based on purchase orders). 
  • Manage outsourcing of procurement for certain categories, eg provisions for crew, port services and products/ services for non-core.
  • Manage the actual procurement execution for vessel supplies, bunkers and port services.  

People Management

  • Ensure all staff are equipped, trained, qualified, motivated, developed and empowered to provide high-quality services and effective support.
  • Develop a succession plan for key procurement roles and participate in the development of potential successors.
  • Ensure consistently high standards of staff performance, good results and continuous improvement through effective communication and teamwork.
  • Complies with all company related HR policies, procedures and legal requirements. 
  • Management of the on-time transportation of equipment to and from vessels and production sites. 
  • Management of the procurement of transportation and logistics services. 
  • Execution of the transportation, storage, admin and maintenance of auxiliary equipment for vessels.

General responsibilities

  • Day to day management of the environment and occupational health and safety.
  • Facilitating risk assessments, training, monitoring of working and rest hours, compliance legal. requirements, ensure PPE is used and worn properly.
  • Facilitate audits and inspections.
  • Working towards the achievement of the environment and health goals set by the company.
  • Manages the department costs in line with an agreed budget. 
  • Set group standards, policies, procedures and ensure compliance by the distribution of manuals, execution training, the definition of processes and business requirements for supporting systems and monitoring maintenance and implementation of system adjustments. 


Personal profile

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degree holder in (Technical) Business Management, Logistics or other related subjects. Professional procurement qualification at level “Nevi 2”. 
  • Minimum of 8 years working experience, including 5 years as a Procurement and Logistics Manager. Experience with setting up worldwide policies, procedures and systems. 
  • Experience in a multinational company and in working with different cultures and countries. Preferably in an international heavy cargo sea/land transportation and lifting company.
  • Experience as a business partner to functional management sourcing (products and services).
  • Experience with effective people management practices including leadership development, succession planning and training and coaching.
  • Fluency in written and oral English.
  • Ability to understand the content of contracts and, based on this input, negotiate with other parties.
  • Maintain and manage business relations and determine which suppliers offer good value for money, in line with ISO requirements.
  • Ability to create and review data analysis to support procurement and vendor selection optimisation. 
  • Business/ financial acumen 

Core Values Roll Group

  • Reliable: Deliver consistently on quality, performance and commitments to our customers, partners and Roll Group as a whole.
  • Together: Sharing ideas, responsibilities and supporting each other for the collective goal.
  • Care: Taking ownership of a duty of care: putting safety above all, helping others, showing respect and prioritising a sustainable way of operating.
  • Solution Driven: Solving challenges, reaching goals and developing sustainable solutions with our own in-house expertise, innovation, creativity and a positive mindset.
  • Engaged: Building strong work and customer relationships by dedication, enthusiasm and a positive can-do mindset.


  • Natural Leadership: Strong entrepreneurial leader with a natural authority and a “can-do attitude”, has a proactive, creative and problem-solving approach, is a self-starter, takes initiative, possesses persuasiveness, and can motivate his team. 
  • Inspiring leadership: Inspiring leaders are engaging, coaching, inspiring and empowering, and create ideal circumstances in which individuals grow and the team can perform at its best. By being approachable, honest, and righteous, a safe environment is created in which team members are allowed to make mistakes, but also dare to set and achieve greater goals.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and influencing skills applicable for multi-cultural settings and communication with internal and external executive, managerial and staff levels. Way of communication: Open and transparent, able to challenge colleagues positively, a down to earth person who can bring a consistent and concise message.
  • Drive to reduce costs at optimal quality. Ability to negotiate an optimal win-win result, optimizing costs and quality in combination with a sustainable supplier relationship.  
  • Team player/independent: Gets respect based on his/her know-how and personality. Team player who is not afraid to confront and take an independent position and challenge others in the organization to achieve a common goal.
  • Realist/hands-on: Aware of own limitations, has a good sense of humor with a stable and reliable personality. Forward-looking, focus on main drivers. Willing to create analysis by herself/ himself. 


Roll Group provides Project Logistics services based on heavy cargo transport and lifting both on land and at sea. The exceptional combination of transportation and installation capabilities enables Roll Group to offer complete Factory to Foundation solutions. Combined with engineering expertise and unique know-how, makes Roll Group the preferred heavy cargo-partner offering effective, innovative and sustainable services (worldwide).

Roll Group has two business lines; RollDock and Roll-Lift.  
RollDock owns and operates an innovative fleet of highly adaptable heavy transport vessels. With over ten years of experience and specially designed vessels. Roll Dock ensures the safe transportation of heavy cargo across the world’s oceans. 
Roll-Lift operates a large heavy cargo transportation and lifting fleet of specialized cranes and transportation equipment. It provides a total solution to heavy transportation, lifting and onsite installation requirements.

Both RollDock and Roll-Lift operate globally, with a focus on the Middle East, North America and Asia. Roll Group was founded in 2006 and employs 380 people worldwide, with a revenue of € 150 million. Head Quarters is located in Capelle aan de IJssel, The Netherlands. The company has an entrepreneurial and proud spirit, where operational excellence, safety and cooperation are key. The slogan “Together we know” is founded on their core values: (see details in table below, however, website to be updated.”. For further reference, please visit:  

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