Facility and Equipment Manager



Facility and Equipment Manager





A fast-growing, international non-food discounter with a simple and successful business model operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Poland. Action leads on price and differentiates on surprise. They are well known for their affordable everyday products. 6,000 different items are offered in their stores, with more than 150 new products every week. A-brands and private label products are sold. Products that make life easier, better and more fun. Good quality products that add value to your life. Because despite the low prices, there are no concessions made to the quality of the products. Quality, sustainability and transparency are important for Action!


Ever since the opening of the first store, Action always had one ambition: surprising its customers with a broad, ever-changing assortment for the lowest prices possible. Since 1993, this is the promise to their customers and this is what drives and trills them: “Small prices, big smiles.”



Facility and Equipment management within Action is concerned with the management and control of the facility support activities for the primary process of the DC’s, offices and Hubs and the equipment support activities of the DC’s. The strategic management is organized at IHQ where we align the facility and equipment strategy with corporate strategies, perform facility and equipment projects and processes, make sure we comply with rules- and regulations, take care of strategic choices concerning safety and manage several European contracts. Tactical facility management is organized as much as possible at regional level. We make sure that the local facility suppliers perform high quality of work, assist the local management with facility support and translate the local rules and regulations into our processes. The main part of our operational facility services is outsourced and managed by a facility service provider. Tactical and operational equipment management is organized as much as possible at DC level by the logistic specialists.


The Facility and Equipment Manager reports directly to the Manager Logistic Strategy & Development/Head of Outbound Logistics. The main focus lies on ensuring that all local entities deliver a high level of facility services in line with the policy and (local) regulations and laws.


Develop and maintain a sustainable housing-, material- and facility strategy (including safety & security) for all distribution centers (insourced and outsourced), HUB’s and country headquarters. Ensure that all DC’s are equipped with necessary equipment and all entities have a safe and sustainable working environment and a high level of facility services on the premises. Develop and maintain an audit structure to ensure that all the facility services are executed in line with the central policy and apply to (local) laws and regulations.





  • Develops an international Housing- and Facility Management (including safety and security) policy and translates this to concrete procedures, products and services for all headquarters and logistic centers (owned and outsourced)
  • Provides insight in the demands of the internal clients and translates this to an optimal Facility service level
  • Develops an international policy and strategy on the entire process of buying and maintaining of all resources (e.g. materials like trailers, pallets, trolley’s, racking) including expendables within Supply Chain
  • Develops future plans to ensure sustainability


Operational Management

  • Delivers the key financial targets including; Material Cost, Facility Cost and Security Cost
  • Responsible for the Facility OPEX budgeting and spend
  • Ensures that new premises (headquarters and logistic centers) are being developed in line with the housing- and facility policy, including all the necessary equipment and services
  • Responsible for equiping all premises (existing and new) with the necessary services and equipment to execute their operation
  • Maintains and expands contacts with relevant local authorities to ensure that all necessary permits are up to date and valid, and fully in line with the internal operation
  • Defines an audit process to verify that housing- and facility procedures in DC’s and offices are in line with the policy and (local) laws and regulations
  • Initiates, develops and oversees the implementation and realization of improvements with regard to processes and procedures (for instance incident registration) within the facility departments and/or premises
  • Maintains and expands contacts with different Facility suppliers and responsible for acquisition and registration of Facility services in all countries
  • Maintains and expands contacts with different logistics service providers who execute the logistics operation in Action’s warehouses outside the Netherlands
  • Keeps up to date with relevant developments in expertise and actively shares knowledge within department
  • Initiates and oversees projects
  • Defines sustainability targets for the facility


People Management

  • Clearly steers the team, takes the lead, gives clear working instructions, plans employees and activities in such a manner that targets are successfully achieved
  • Is actively involved in improving employee skills by providing constructive feedback, instructions, explanation and coaching
  • Makes employees enthusiastic, clearly indicates the intended effect of targets, brings about a positive attitude towards the work and inspires team members’ strong will to perform
  • Gives direct and constructive feedback about the delivered performance and personal development related to future requirements and priorities
  • Stimulates employees to join in on the thought process and to actively contribute to the development of new ideas and to learn from his/her own experiences and those of others
  • Responsible for an optimal staffing, recruitment activities and retaining of employees within the department.


 Personal profile

  • A relevant academic degree, e.g. facility management or management studies in combination with 6+ years of relevant working experience, or a relevant bachelor’s degree (university of applied science) in combination with 9+ years of relevant working experience
  • Leadership skills, at least 5 years of experience in leading a team
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with building or maintaining facility strategies
  • At least 3 years’ experience with departmental facility budgeting and annual planning
  • Make proposals for efficient and effective working methods with the least possible complexity and implements these
  • Demonstrates a high level of pragmatism




Dorien Weber

Executive search specialist in Manufacturing, Energy & Logistics


Een senior consultant en business partner met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring op het gebied van Operations, Supply Chain, Operational excellence (Lean Six Sigma). Door haar netwerk en brede ervaring, onder andere als managing consultant bij Fairlaine, weet Dorien bovendien snel het gevraagde profiel helder te krijgen en de juiste verbindingen tot stand te brengen. Gedreven, authentiek, betrouwbaar, gedisciplineerd en eerlijk: allemaal woorden die op haar van toepassing zijn. En die wellicht verklaren waarom ze zo’n grote gunfactor heeft.


Dorien Weber
Partner bij Lyncwise Executive Search & Interim Management
Laapersveld 75, Hilversum
+31 6 111 712 21
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Erik Jan Doekes

Executive search specialist in Trade & Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail & E-tail


Het leggen van verbindingen is een tweede natuur voor Erik Jan. Zijn drijfveer is om mensen te helpen om te doen waar ze goed in zijn. Zodat top-performers het verschil kunnen maken. Vooral de intrinsieke motivatie en drijfveren intrigeren hem. Opdrachtgevers leidt hij professioneel door de verschillende stadia van het wervings- en selectietraject. Hij is degelijk en grondig: altijd op zoek naar het best mogelijke resultaat. Wat hem verder kenmerkt, is zijn drive in combinatie met diepgaande kennis van de functiegebieden commercie, supply chain en operations. Al met al een bijzonder prettige gesprekspartner!


Erik Jan Doekes
Partner bij Lyncwise Executive Search & Interim Management
Laapersveld 75, Hilversum
+31 6 50 95 20 05
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