Group Marketing Manager

Group Marketing Manager




It was 1947 when a new kid on the block arrived in the vinegar industry. That was when Cees Bakker acquired the vinegar factory Groenland en Zn. and changed its name to De Burg.


In the subsequent decades, the company experienced turbulent growth, partly due to its hunger to expand and the extension of the product portfolio. In 1948, Bakker launched its syrup production, adding the natural vinegar production in 1980 under the inspiring leadership of Piet Hein Bakker, Cees’ son, who took over at the helm in 1969. While he was director, the company continued to grow autonomously and there were more acquisitions, Renco (1989), Gulpener Azijnfabriek with subsidiary Koninklijke Tromp & Rueb vinegar factories (1992), Azijnfabriek St. Martinus Belgium (1995), Herschi and Hero syrups (1995), All-in Drinks Nederland (1997), Vinaigrerie Fuchs France (2002), Essigfabrik Poiger Germany (2006), OKL Bzenec Czech Republic (2007), MFM Czech Republic and Aromka Czech Republic (2008), Vinaigrerie Etoile Belgium (2010), Van der Graaf Nederland (2011) and the acquisition of Bakker Havu Nederland (2013) respectively. In 1998, he also entered into a joint venture with Maasfood Nederland.


In 2012, Piet Hein Bakker’s wife, Patricia Surendonk, became CEO of the international family business. With her unbridled passion and entrepreneurship, she moved developments in the company up another gear. Burg embarked on a large-scale refurbishment of the Heerhugowaard site where the head office is based. The brand new park with its 47 shiny tanks was opened in 2017. The world’s biggest fermenter is a prominent feature in the glass brewery and that was just the start of an impressive process. In 2020, the factory on Marconistraat will be unrecognisable: hypermodern, future-proof and sustainable. The production capacity will double in the near future and the fully automated warehouse has been installed.


Heerhugowaard is not the only site undergoing a makeover. Work is ongoing at other production sites to extend and improve processes and the machine park.


Burg Group is thus making sure that it is ready for the future, a future for today’s and future generations. As a result of all these developments, Burg Group strengthens its position as market leader in Europe in natural vinegar as well as the leading role of the wide range of syrup products, particularly for the Dutch and Scandinavian markets.


Around 250 employees help create a professional organisation with a friendly atmosphere with a turnover of a little over € 100 mio. Although they operate internationally, Burg Group has short lines and open communication. They are also socially minded and innovative. This has not changed in over 70 years and guarantees good working relationships, both internally and externally. Entrepreneurship, involvement and a realistic approach are other characteristics that are reflected in its operations.


Strategy, Vision, Mission & Company values

The overall strategy of Burg Group is to be a world player in the production of natural vinegar and syrups in selective markets. It is the company’s belief and vision that its natural vinegar and syrups make the world healthier, cleaner or more tasteful.
The mission is to make this happen by playing a leading role worldwide in a sustainable and fair way with natural vinegar and, in markets selected by them, with syrups.


The words that apply to Burg Group are: Progressive, Sustainable, Pleasurable and Flexible. Especially sustainability has been a special focus over the past years and future.


The Burg Group offers a progressive and pleasant working environment, where there is room for owner- and entrepreneurship. With a focus on development, Burg Group allows its people to develop themselves and their lines of business to help build the business further. Despite the rapid growth and further professionalization over the years, Burg Group is still a warm, family owned company. A pragmatic and down to earth culture with room for humor and interaction.


In line with the above developments and ambitious goals, recently a new CCO was appointed. He has been appointed to further strengthen and professionalize both sales and marketing. For the marketing department it is his ambition to create a modern and future proof team. Therefore, Burg Group is looking for a new Group Marketing Manager.



The Group Marketing Manager is based at the headquarters of Burg Group in Heerhugowaard. Because of the various international sites the position has a strong international character.


Based on the overall strategy the Group Marketing Manager will ensure an effective translation into a marketing strategy and will set up the marketing mix (6 P’s) across the different countries and lines-of-business within the Group.  Leading by example means that the Group Marketing Manager will be a role model and guardian of company values, continuously optimizing, developing and leading the marketing function.



  • Responsible for Marketing. Define and create the Marketing mission/vision and strategy based on the company strategy
  • Translate this strategic plan into Marketing year plans, budgets and targets
  • Setting up the Marketing Mix (6 P’s) for the different LoB’s, for both Private Label and Branded
  • Advise, implement and secure the desired forms and ways of communication
  • Monitor, intervene and realise the agreed year plans including the reporting requirements
  • Analysis of market information among which IRI-info
  • Represent the company internally and externally (authorities, interest groups and suppliers)
  • Provide the adequate and progressive policies, procedures and advise, that support the overall commercial strategy
  • Lead and develop the Marketing team within the group
  • Initiate, implement and lead (Marketing and NPD) projects
  • Internal networking and cooperation with the different stakeholders
  • Create the conditions for the marketing organisation to comply with legal requirements
  • Maintain awareness of the marketing trends, develop the proactively work on opportunities enhancing growth, innovation and/or sustainability.



  • Authorised to implement agreed year plans among which marketing budgets, implementation of working procedures and staffing changes
  • Authorised to represent the company towards external companies, auditors, and authorities for marketing purposes and to enter into obligations within agreed budgets and documented proxies.


Personal profile

  • Academic working and thinking level with a minimal completed bachelor degree in commercial area (e.g. economics, business administration, HEAO-CE related)
  • Good and efficient in acquiring detailed product knowledge of the company products and the market segment and possibilities for the future
  • Good knowledge of (multi)media tools
  • Good verbal and writing skills in English and Dutch
  • Preferably knowledge of French and German. Also Czech and/or Hungarian is appreciated (but not a must).



  • Extensive experience in a similar role preferably in food/FMCG companies and/or retail of which ideally a minimum of 5 years with a Blue Chip FMCG company
  • A minimum of 3 years of management experience
  • Extensive experience with FMCG-tools and implementing and developing top league marketing tools
  • Past experience in positions such as Brand-, Trade and/or Category Manager, Sales Manager and in addition experience with external commercial communication
  • Experience in an international environment



  • Strategic mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, conceptual strong thinker with execution power
  • Challenger and inspirator. Critical thinker. Takes initiative, is decisive and hands-on
  • Analytical thinker
  • Engaging
  • Supportive
  • People oriented
  • International mindset






Susan Abbink

Executive search specialist in Telecom, Consumer Products & Logistics


De ontwikkeling en groei van onze klanten – dát is de focus in het werk van Susan. Als medeoprichter van Lyncwise bewijst zij als geen ander dat effectieve executive search staat of valt met een doelgerichte en vooral persoonlijke benadering. Zo komen de beste verbindingen tussen mensen en organisaties tot stand. Dankzij haar enorme netwerk, gedegen kennis van het (digital)marketing- en salesvakgebied en warme persoonlijkheid weet Sue altijd een goed resultaat te behalen. Ze is gestructureerd en gefocust, betrouwbaar en loyaal. Een prettige sparring partner, die behalve doortastend ook integer te werk gaat. Beter kunt u het eigenlijk niet treffen.


Susan Abbink-Rempt
Partner bij Lyncwise Executive Search & Interim Management
Laapersveld 75, Hilversum
+31 6 477 600 37
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Erik Jan Doekes

Executive search specialist in Trade & Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail & E-tail


Het leggen van verbindingen is een tweede natuur voor Erik Jan. Zijn drijfveer is om mensen te helpen om te doen waar ze goed in zijn. Zodat top-performers het verschil kunnen maken. Vooral de intrinsieke motivatie en drijfveren intrigeren hem. Opdrachtgevers leidt hij professioneel door de verschillende stadia van het wervings- en selectietraject. Hij is degelijk en grondig: altijd op zoek naar het best mogelijke resultaat. Wat hem verder kenmerkt, is zijn drive in combinatie met diepgaande kennis van de functiegebieden commercie, supply chain en operations. Al met al een bijzonder prettige gesprekspartner!


Erik Jan Doekes
Partner bij Lyncwise Executive Search & Interim Management
Laapersveld 75, Hilversum
+31 6 50 95 20 05
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